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Stained glass of a monarch butterfly.

Senior Warden’s Message

Welcoming the stranger! How exciting is that? Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been before and being welcomed with open arms and included in all that is offered. One of the things I’ve heard about St. Thomas’ is how welcoming we are. We are willing to step out and introduce...
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Communion is a Mystery

Last Saturday I met with some of our children in a First Communion Class. The class is misnamed; here at St. Thomas’ we practice the Episcopal Church’s instructions which state that everyone who has been baptized into the Christian family is invited to share Holy Communion. In...
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The Claggett Center

Women’s Weekend Retreat

Claggett Women’s Retreat Weekend (March 24-26): The retreat is open to all women of Ascension (age 18+), St. Thomas’ AND friends, neighbors & family. Scholarships are available. (Contact Deacon Barbara or Lynn Kirby)  Rev. Loree will be the Priest in residence AND Music...
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