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Prayer Shawl Ministry: We Have a New Name

Recently, the yarn working ministry shared by St. Thomas’ and Holy Comforter has been known as Christian Stitchin’. While the clever moniker described the current members, we had often heard the question, “Do you have to be a Christian to join?” This made us think that we have more to offer and that our name should reflect that. Focusing on what we provide rather than what we do (and how we do it), we are adopting “Comfort & Joy” as our new name. Think about it! Shawls, scarves, hats, lap blankets bring comfort to those receiving them; baby blankets celebrate the joy of a new child.

Now for the extra good news! We recently have had several people from outside the St. Thomas’ and Holy Comforter congregations ask about joining us. They include a member of Kol HaLev synagogue and a Student Support Network volunteer. Most recently, we were contacted by the director of a local non-profit who serves youth and young adults with disabilities, looking to engage some young people in creative activities out in the community. We are also investigating a partnership with Mercy Hospital. Stay tuned for more about these opportunities!

Our current projects include prayer shawls, of course, but we are always working on scarves for Meals on Wheels clients. Last fall, for the second year in a row, we shared over 200 scarves!! You can help even if you aren’t able to come and stitch with us by making a scarf (or 2 or 7) at home when the time is good for you! All scarves should measure 5″ – 7″ wide and 60″ – 72″ inches long. They need to fit in gallon size Ziplock bags. (We provide the bags.)

If you would like to receive a prayer shawl (either for yourself or for someone else) please contact us. We would like to be better about record-keeping and would like to know to whom our work goes (and when) so that we can continue to pray for the recipient.

We will next meet to stitch on Saturday, March 16th at 10:00am at St. Thomas’ on Providence Road.

Feel free to contact Beth at bcrosby.saintthomas@gmail.com with any questions.