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Lenten Forum: Discipleship

18 Feb 2018 | 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Join us at the Forum during Lent: Radical Renovation: living the cross filled life.

Our forum for Lent will take place during coffee hour at one of the tables. We will be reading the book, Radical Renovation, together with a chapter or two each week, and discuss on Sundays. Radical Renovation uses the metaphor of renovating a house as a way to talk about how our lives can be transformed as disciples of Christ. The Forum lasts about 35 minutes.

  • Lent I: (Feb. 18) Discipleship: The design of the Cross-shaped life
  • Lent II: (Feb. 25) Servanthood: A peculiar way to greatness
  • Lent III: (March 4) Surrender: Nothing short of Everything
  • Lent IV: (March 11) Love: The Radical Center/Reconciliation: something that doesn’t love a wall
  • Lent V: (March 18) Bishop’s Visitation – no forum
  • Palm Sunday: (March 25) Sacrifice: It’s nothing if it costs you nothing

For those who prefer a daily devotional for Lent:
Writing to God: 40 days of praying with my pen, by Rachael C. Hackenburg. Available on Amazon. If you are interested in this devotional, and cannot order from Amazon, call Jill in the office and she will order it for you. This is an interesting book about the practice of writing our prayers that I think you will find enjoyable and helpful.