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Ministry Teams & Committees

The ministry teams and committees are the heart beat of St. Thomas’.  They are what keeps the parish running and growing.

Ministry Teams

  • Christian Formation Team

    Mission: To engage in a life with Christ through learning, fellowship and discipleship.
    Team Leaders: Jeannie Windsor & Bill Kittle
    Team responsibilities include:

    • Education for Ministry (EfM)
    • Leadership Class
    • VBS
    • Book Club
    • Cursillo
    • Tuesday's at Tom's
  • Ministry & Mission Team

    Mission: To be Christ’s hands in action, better understanding and boldly serving those in need.
    Team Leaders:Diane Flayhart & Chon Winger
    Team responsibilities include:

    • Pastoral Care
    • Hospitality
    • Newcomers
    • Christian Stitchin'
    • Paul's Place
    • ACTC
    • Woodbourne Center gifts
    • Salvation Army stockings
  • Stewardship Team

    Mission: To provide opportunities to inspire and engage our community in the sharing of time, talent, treasure and fellowship.
    Team Leaders: Laura Doles & James Stultz
    Team responsibilities include:

    • Pledge Campaign
    • Volunteer Fair
    • Christmas Bazaar
    • Basket Bingo
    • Counters
    • Fruit Sales
    • Flea Market
  • Worship Team

    Mission: To create a worship environment for nurturing the beauty of holiness and growing of God's community.
    Team Leaders: Rev. Loree Penner & Tracey Daniels
    Team responsibilities include:

    • Worship Services
    • Verger (Readers, Chalicists, Acolytes)
    • Altar Guild
    • Ushers
    • Worship music
    • Choir
    • Worship band


  • Communications

    Chairs: Beth Crosby & Barbara Lewis
    Committee responsibilities include:

    • Event publicity
    • Website
    • Publications
  • Finance

    Chair: Helen Wiley
    The Finance Committee is responsible to prudently and profitably invest such funds of the Congregation as assigned by the Vestry for investment. Meetings are called at least twice a year and at the discretion of the Chairperson. Currently the Committee sees to the management of the Heritage Fund and the Outreach Fund.

  • Property

    Chairs: John Condon, K. Payne & Kenny Daniels

    The Property Committee’s mission is to preserve, maintain and improve as needed the physical property of the church. The Committee has three sub-committees:

    1. Major Building and Repairs
    2. Building Maintenance
    3. Landscaping

    The entire Property Committee meets quarterly with the Jr. Warden and the co-chairs of the subcommittees. All church members are welcome to attend. In between meetings, members of the church can communicate building and property needs to the Committee via a Maintenance Repair form which can be left in the office or placed in the collection plate on Sunday.

    On the second Saturday of each month (except December), the Property Committee sponsors a Work Day from 8am – 12pm. All church members are encouraged to join in if even for an hour to help maintain and repair our grounds and building. No need to notify anyone, just come and join in, even for an hour!