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Pastoral Care

“A Little Birdie Told Me”

The Pastoral Care Team would like to know when you or your fellow parishioners are sick, in the hospital, or have something to celebrate, and YOU are the little birdies!  We need your help!

Rev. Loree+ is very busy on Sunday mornings and sometimes people mention to her that they have upcoming surgery or something that needs prayers.  She does a good job of remembering, but occasionally there are just too many requests to remember them all.  The Pastoral Care Team would like for you to contact the Church office (stthomastowson@gmail.com or 410-821-5489) or Betty Wilson (oomawilson11@gmail.com or 410-937-2934) with these requests.  We need all the “Li’l Birdies” to chirp to us so we can visit or send cards.  Please help by being one of our “Birdies!”


Greeting Cards

a rack of greeting cards.

The Pastoral Care Team remembers our elderly and home-bound parishioners with cards for their birthdays and special occasions. If anyone has cards they would like to donate to this ministry, please place them in the designated basket in the Narthex. They will be much appreciated.