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Worship at St. Thomas'

The Revered Loree Penner speaks to the congregation from the aisle of the sanctuary.Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 am

After having two separate services – one traditional and one contemporary – for many years, the people of St. Thomas’ Towson recently rediscovered the joy of worshiping together as one united family.

Our 9:30 am service features a liturgy based on the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer and a mix of traditional hymns on the organ, anthems, and contemporary music accompanied by our worship band.

5th Sunday Quiet Service

In months that have a 5th Sunday, we offer a special 8:00 am quiet service in addition to the 9:30 am service on that Sunday.  This quiet, contemplative service features the traditional language of the Rite I liturgy and has no music.

Holy Communion
The Reverent Loree Penner stands behind the altar holding up the communion chalice and wafer.

St. Thomas’ extends an invitation to all baptized members of any Christian Church to receive the consecrated bread and wine. We celebrate Holy Communion at every service.

You may either coA chalisist at a station on the floor gives a parishioner a communion wafer.me forward to one of the two communion stationsThe Reverend Loree Penner distributes communion to parishioners kneeling at the altar rail.  at the steps of the chancel…





…or you may choose to kneel or stand at the altar rail to receive communion.  If you would prefer to receive a blessing instead of receiving the bread and wine, cross your arms over your chest as you kneel at the altar rail.

If you need communion brought to you in your pew, please let an usher know when you arrive.  We are glad to have the opportunity to administer communion to you in the pew and will do so at the conclusion of distribution at the altar rail.