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Altar Guild

The church altar, with candles, flowers and a large golden cross.The Altar Guild is a group of women and men whose ministry is to prepare the altar for all services as well as cleaning up after the services.  Altar Guild members consider it a privilege to serve our Lord by preparing for the services and caring for the appointments of His House.

The chalices, pitcher and platens used in Holy Communion.The Altar Guild includes 25-30 members who are divided into four teams. There is a specific leader for each team, and the team serves every fourth month.  Specific duties include preparing the altar on Saturday morning for the Sunday service.  After the service, the vessels are cleaned and all items stored until the next scheduled service.

The hymn board at the front of the church, displaying the numbers of the hymns in today's service.Each month the team leader responsible for that specific month prepares a schedule in consultation with all team members.  At least two team members are always assigned for a each task and new members are always paired with a more experienced member.

We would like to invite you to become a member of St. Thomas’ Altar Guild.  Each new member attends an individual training session, and detailed instructions – with pictures! – are always available in the sacristy.

Everyone is welcome to assist with preparing God’s table.  Please contact Diane Flayhart (dflayhart.stthomas@gmail.com or 410-426-4618) or the church office (stthomastowson@gmail.com or 410-821-5489) if you are interested in joining us.