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Other Ways to Serve

Throughout the year, volunteers with all sorts of talents and skills are needed to support the ministries of St. Thomas’.

  • Our Counters care for the weekly offerings that are generously given to support the ministries of the church. Teams of [XX] meet to tabulate the offering [WHEN?] Volunteers with an aptitude for math are always welcome.
  • Interested in gardening and landscaping? Have a green thumb – or want to cultivate one? The gardens and flower beds that surround our sanctuary could use your help. Periodically, parishioners who love to garden gather to work their magic on the church grounds. To find out when the next "garden party" is, contact:
  • Many hands make light work. If you can swing a hammer or a paint brush, join a like-minded group of handy people on the second Saturday of each month from 7 am to noon to help make need repairs and spruce up the Church and its property.
  • Christmas Bazaar, Basket Bingo, Fruit Sales, Cookie Baking and Candy Making – these are but a few of the annual parish events and activities that could use your help. Keep an eye on the website or "The Good News" for announcements, or contact the people listed on the web pages for each event.