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Worship Laity

Each week, we at St. Thomas’ are blessed to have a number of members of the congregation participate in our worship services.  These adults and young people serve as readers, chalicists, ushers and acolytes.

  • Acolytes

    Two acolytes with lighted candles lead the procession into church.The Acolyte’s role is to serve – to help in the presentation of the worship service. During the service, acolytes:
    • Light/extinguish altar candles
    • Carry the Cross during Processions
    • Carry the Torch during Processions
    • Carry the Communion elements and offering plates
    We always welcome the participation of both youth and adult acolytes. Youth need to be at least nine years old or in the fourth grade to serve.
  • Chalicists

    Two men stand at the front of the church, one holding a wine chalice, the other a plate of communion wafers.A chalice is the cup used to hold the wine for Communion. A chalicist is a lay member of the parish trained to administer the wine and bread during Communion.

    At St. Thomas', parishioners can choose to receive communion from the Rector at the altar rail or at two other stations where communion is distributed by Chalicists.

  • Lectors

    A woman speaks from the lectern.Lectors, or lay readers, are members of the congregation who read the Lessons and Psalm appointed for the day.

    Lectors also lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People.

  • Ushers

    A man and a woman holding offering plates stand at the back of the church.Each week, we have men and women who volunteer to usher. Ushers distribute bulletins as people enter the church, carry the gifts of the Eucharist to the altar, collect the offering and assist with communion.
If you're interested in serving during the worship service as an acolyte, reader, chalicist or usher, contact our Verger, George Gaylor, at 410-529-1899.