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Heritage & Outreach Funds

Stained glass. A basket with the Chi Rho cross inscribed on the lid.

Thanks to the donations and bequests of St. Thomas’ parishioners through the years, the church maintains two endowment funds:

Outreach Fund

Income from this fund is to be used for the relief and assistance of members of St. Thomas’ or to be distributed as charitable grants to charitable organizations to further God’s work in the community.

Heritage Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide a source of income to be used to preserve, renew, replace and develop the heritage of properties of the church so that the church continues to be a fitting place of worship and to fulfill its mission.


Gifts to either fund may be made as memorials.  The names of those in whose memory gifts are made will be inscribed in the Book of Remembrance and formal notices will be sent to families and donors.

Memorials may be substantial or they may be small.  For example, a donation could be sent to a fund instead of flowers to a funeral.

Gift may be made in thanksgiving, for anniversaries, and in remembrance.

Gifts may be in the form of cash, stocks or bands.  If equities which have appreciated in value are given, the donor may not be required to pay a capital gains tax, and may use the current market value of the stock as an income tax deductions.

Gifts may also be articles of value, such as silver or paintings, or a house, or land.  In short, almost anything a donor wishes to give.  These gifts are tax deductible to the limit allowed by law.  It should be understood, however, that it is withing the discretion of the Vestry to sell all gifts and deposit the proceeds in the designated fund.


The Parish also welcomes bequests.  It is hoped that parishioners will consider making a provision in their wills for contributions to these funds.

There are many ways to make bequests.  For instance, a person could give a large sum to the fund, receive the income therefrom during his/her life, and at death the estate would pay no inheritance tax on the bequest.

Parishioners interested in making a bequest are advised to discuss this matter with their attorney, who can suggest the most advantageous way to make a bequest to St. Thomas’.