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Sails Filled by the Winds of the Holy Spirit

Today I am thankful for God’s faithfulness to us, and to your faithfulness to the life and ministry of St. Thomas’.  Our Annual Meeting is behind us, and we are heading into 2017 with sails filled by the winds of the Holy Spirit.  Jan and I sat down yesterday to discuss our annual plan. The plan includes the two priorities I mentioned on Sunday:

  1. Creating small groups
  2. Creating a mobile feeding ministry

Small groups can be a great way to bring new people to St. Thomas’, as well as providing fellowship and Bible Study for everyone.  The mobile feeding ministry will concentrate on areas where children living in poverty reside in our area of Baltimore County.

Along with these priorities, we will continue to work toward the stability of our financial future. FOG, our Financial Options Group, and the Sharing Space committee, will continue to explore ideas to secure that stability.

We will strive to do those things that work with our mission statement: St. Thomas’ offers the spiritual comfort of Christ-centered nourishment.  I am excited about the future of St. Thomas’, and am VERY thankful that the church is providing me with a sabbatical.  We have much to look forward to.

This Week at St. Thomas’

Tonight:   7:30  Choir practice
Friday:    7:00   AA
Sunday:  9:30 Rite I worship
Sunday:  4:30 Evening Song
Tuesday: 6:30 EfM
Wednesday: 6:30 Celtic Prayer
Wednesday: 7:00 Bible Study: The Gospel of John

In Closing

Holy and Eternal God,
give us such trust in your sure purpose,
that we measure our lives
not by what we have done or
failed to do,
but by our faithfulness to you.
– New Zealand Prayer Book –