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Alleluia! Christ is Risen!

Easter Sunday we celebrated a beautiful Easter service, and rejoiced in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Resurrection has been on my mind a great deal this Lent, as has the Cross. During Lent, we focused on disciplines that would bring us closer to Christ. The culmination of Lent was Holy Week – the reenactment of Jesus’ week in Jerusalem beginning with Palm Sunday. We stripped the altar on Maundy Thursday, as Jesus was stripped. We repented of our sins on Good Friday, and remembered Jesus’ death through the reading of the Passion, meditations, and veneration of the cross. And then came Easter, a joyful celebration with choir, piano, organ.

Resurrection is the basis of our faith. There is no Christianity without resurrection. But, as Lent and Holy Week teach us, there is no resurrection until we face the cross.