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Remember First to Give Thanks

It is Thanksgiving Week!  For many of us, it means lots of grocery shopping and food preparation. For others, difficult family situations, and for others, a reminder of loss, as one less place is set at the table.  Whether you are dealing with loss, or looking forward to a delightful feast, I hope you consider coming to our Thanksgiving Eve service at 7:30 on Wednesday.  We will use the Order of Worship for Evening from the prayer book, sit in candlelight, read, give thanks, sing, and share Eucharist together.  I find that simple services such as these can set the tone for our holidays, as we remember first to give thanks, before we get overwhelmed with activity and relationships.

Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, Vicki and Stephen Sappe will lead intrepid volunteers in making candy for the Bazaar, which is less than two weeks away.  All helpers are welcome to assist.  After Candy making, we celebrate Christ the King Sunday, the last Sunday of the season after Pentecost.  Beginning that day, and all the days of the following week, volunteers will be working to set up tables and chairs for the Bazaar, make food for the luncheon, and prepare the items for the Nearly New sale.  Then comes the fun day of December 2nd when we will host vendors and shoppers for the day.

Vicki is looking for helpers in a variety of areas.  You can find her phone number in the church directory. Give her a call and offer a few hours of your time. Or make a dessert for the luncheon.

Many thanks to Vicki, our Boy Scout volunteers, and others who volunteered from the church, for making cookies this year.  There will be a silent auction for cookies during the bazaar, as there are not enough for each person in the church to have one box.  For those who win the famous cookies: enjoy!

This Week at St. Tom’s

Wednesday:  7:30  Thanksgiving Eve Service
Thursday and Friday: Office Closed
Friday and Saturday:  Candy making
Sunday:  9:30 worship and Bazaar set-up
Monday:  7:00 Theology on Tap at the Raven Inn

In Closing

A Simple Prayer of Thanks
Thank you.
I dwell upon the goodness in my life.
Thank you.
I cherish in my heart Your gift to me.
Thank you.
I notice the blessings of life, breath, loving and sharing.
I am so very grateful.

Thank you, Lord.