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Is it spring? The beautiful blue sky outside my window says so. The weather app on my phone, however, says it is still in the 30’s and 40’s. Our hearts yearn for the beautiful spring we are used to experiencing as Maryland residents. Hopefully, by the time you read this, it will have arrived.

This year, Easter comes late, on April 21. Did you know there is a chart in the Book of Common Prayer that tells you the dates of Easter? Since Easter’s date is on a 19 year cycle, and is based on the cycle of the moon and the Spring solstice, calculating when Easter falls each year can be complicated. If you want to know when Easter will be next year, go to the table of contents in the BCP, and look up the chart for Easter dates.

Easter comes after a wet and cold Lent that has held both joys and challenges. It has been a challenging time for me, for the Wardens and for the Vestry, as we look to the future, and work toward a plan that will make St. Thomas’ ministry sustainable. For others, this has been a season of loss, of disease, and of sorrow. Our stressful lives whether through work or family, or church, make Lent a time when we long for resur-rection – new life! We are in the darkness of Lent, and will soon be in Holy Week, when we reenact the last days of Jesus on this earth. These events, enacted once a year, remind us that darkness is not darkness to God – All is Light. And in the resurrection of Jesus, we partake of that light, and participate in the resurrection.

What resurrection do you seek this year? What are your hopes for yourself, your family? How will the death and resurrection of Christ speak to you this year? Ponder these questions in the weeks before Holy Week. Seek the Lord, and you will find your answers.

Rev. Loree A. Penner