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Summer in Our Hearts and Minds

The other day, some friends came by our house and brought a quart of strawberries from Shaw’s orchard – the best strawberries I have ever tasted. We sat out on the deck and drank tea for hours, enjoying the perfect weather and the gift of friendship. Although summer doesn’t actually begin until the Summer Soltice, it is summer in our hearts and minds. Time to be outside, relax, and enjoy some activities that require the good weather (and the hot weather) that summer brings.

Summer has always been my favorite time of year, and that continues even in the Maryland humidity. It has taken me several years to get used to the weather here, but nothing can stop the joy of summertime, with the sound of crickets and katydids, the sight of fireflies in the early evening.

This summer, I hope everyone has opportunity to slow down a bit, enjoy the outdoors, go on vacation, and get near some beautiful water. Steve and I will be traveling to Niagara Falls in August, and then touring the Great Lakes – something we have never done. Where will your plans take you? I hope wherever you go, you will have plenty of time to read and enjoy some Sabbath time away from the ongoing work in our homes and offices.

During the summer, we will be sharing some events with Epiphany. Some people from there will join us for the Orioles game on June 16. Others may join us for Karaoke night, June 29. Diane is working with someone there to coordinate a joint Crab Feast, here, as usual, on August 3. Jill and her team are working toward having a great event for National Night out, August 6th. Tracey and Maureen are organizing a Science theme for Vacation Bible School during the last week of July. We will also have joint services in August – one here on the 11th, and one there on the 18th that will include a cook-out and pool party (pool is next door.) All of these events are to help us get to know each other as we continue to explore partnership, and what form that will take.

As we begin the summer, don’t forget to take Flat Jesus with you wherever you go, so that we can once again collect pictures to put up in the Fellowship Hall. Whether it’s to the pool, or an outlet mall, or an adventure traveling, Flat Jesus reminds us that no matter where we are, we are in Christ, and Christ is in us, the hope of glory – the hope of grace-filled life here, and everlasting life in the future. Remember that our goal on this Christian journey is to follow Christ more nearly, knowing that he is with us, and that he helps us do his work in the world.