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The Beauty of November

The Beauty of November – Praying in Movement

Today I drove the long way to work. Its not really longer – maybe five or 10 minutes. I drive through Monkton and down Jarrettsville Pike to Seminary Road. I do it often this time of year, because the drive is so beautiful, and beauty feeds the soul. Even though the trees are beginning to empty of leaves, there are still vibrant splashes of color, as some trees are just beginning the shedding process. I take deep breaths, and prepare for my day with prayers of thanksgiving.

Many people have found that prayer and movement go together. I have been doing much more walking, now that my ankle is repaired; I walk along parts of the NCR trail, and drink in the sights, and smells of fall. As I walk I pray, talking to God as though God were walking alongside me, and listening for that still small voice in the midst of the surrounding beauty. I love to walk and pray.

But walking is not the only movement that can be a companion to prayer. A friend of mine, a Lutheran pastor in Texas, asks on Facebook, “I am going out to run errands and will be in my car for some time. How can I pray for you today?” Praying during our commute may be challenging, but it will also put us in a much better frame of mind. Some people I know pray as they swim, or dance, or cycle. When one adds movement to prayer, one has an opportunity to speak candidly, moving more into friendship with God, as we move together. Try it this week.

This Week at St. Thomas

Thursday: 7:30 pm Music practice in the Music room
Friday: 7:00 pm AA in Room 7
Friday and Saturday: Fall Clothing Drive for the Student Support Network
Saturday: Fruit Delivery
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Worship. This Sunday is the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. In honor of this day, we will celebrate Veteran’s Day and at 11:00 a.m., join others around the country in tolling our church bell. Come for worship, stay for Coffee Hour, and join us at the bell at 11:00 a.m.

In Closing

O light-giving light in whose light we see light!
In your light I see and without it I cannot see.
In your light we come to know that you are this matchless eternal garden,
and you hold enclosed within yourself both the flowers and the fruits…
– St. Catherine of Siena, Prayers