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The Great Family at St. Tom’s

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of the month, so I had the opportunity to give a children’s sermon, and interact with our wonderful kids. The day before, three of them were in the First Communion Class, and we took a tour of the Sacristy, and looked at all the “holy things” that make Eucharist possible. The week before that, I met with our eight Confirmands and had them explore the Book of Common Prayer. Here is our next generation, learning about the church, about God, and about the Holy Things that help create the beautiful service we have each Sunday. It is such a privilege to work with these young people, and we are blessed to have them at St. Thomas’.

All of us hope for more young families here at St. Tom’s. We long to have our Sunday School full, and teach all ages as once happened here. Instead of looking back, lets look at what is happening today: more children than we had last year; a group of young people that are learning more about their faith; dedicated teachers in Sunday School giving their time each week. We are the family of St. Tom’s, spanning from infants to 96 year olds. Each person is part of family; each person is important. Thank you for being part of this family, for the gifts you bring, the wisdom you hold, and for the love you share.

This Week at St. Thomas’

Thursday: 7:30pm Music Practice
Friday: 7:00pm AA
Saturday: 9:00am Fruit Delivery
Saturday: 9:30am First Communion Class
Sunday: 9:30am Worship
Sunday: 10:30am Confirmation Class
Sunday: 10:30am Forum

In Closing

The edge – thin places of God’s Gaelic earth
Leak Christ by starlight when the mirror sea
Holds up to heaven the Holy Spirit’s birth
And begs time bleed its red eternity.
Are there nail prints in the grieving hands
Of God an are there wounds on sympathetic trees?
Do the purging streams wash through the lands?
Is every hill a photograph of Calvary?
– from Celtic Devotions –