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The Season of Resurrection

I am anticipating long-term spring weather like a child waiting for Christmas. As I drive home each day, I see the trees slowly greening. Steve and David planted pansies in our yard last weekend, and they sit proudly beside the still blooming daffodils and hyacinth. All that needs to happen is for the weather to cooperate – to be beautiful spring weather day after day instead of this drippy greyness that sits outside my office window today. Maybe tomorrow…maybe tomorrow…

Spring is the season of resurrection – beginning with our Easter celebration and continuing on through the Great 50 Days of Easter season, to the day of Pentecost. We have repented enough, the liturgists say: no confession during Eastertide. Stand for the Eucharistic Prayer. It is, after all, the Great Thanksgiving – not the Great Repentance. So we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, and we hope for the resurrection of our mortal bodies on the day of his coming. And we hope, each day this year, for spring.

May brings us the baptism of Tessa Mack, daughter of Joshua and Jamie Dunn Mack, on May 6. It brings us the season finale play, Jekyll and Hyde, by Third Wall Productions. And it brings Ascension Day, and Diocesan Convention and Pentecost. This year we are offering an Active Shooter training – what to do if, God forbid, someone walks into the church with a firearm. A special event happens in May as well – the 165th Anniversary of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, founded May 15 in 1853 in Baltimore. We will celebrate on Pentecost, May 20th, with an outdoor service and a picnic brunch. We expect wonderful spring weather, and joyful celebration!

Spring is creation’s way of saying Thank You to God. What is your way? How do you express your own great thanksgiving to the One who sent his son to live among us? Today I express my thanksgiving by going to visit parishioners in nursing homes and assisted living. Their stories, their lives, their faithfulness, fill me with joy. I hope as we continue our long day’s journey into spring, you will also experience the joy of resurrection.

Rev. Loree A. Penner