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Today, Neil and Beverly Schmidt changed the wreaths on our front doors to reflect the change of the season that is a few days away. In this year of wonky weather, we are having an odd Indian Summer that is too hot and dry. The leaves aren’t changing much, and the tent caterpillars are still in the trees. It has been a few years since we’ve had a spectacular Fall – and who knows what this year might bring?

In each new season there is transformation – a theme we’re exploring in a sermon series. When fall arrives, we begin to see the transformation from vibrant green to beautiful orange, red, and yellow leaves. This leads to the greater transformation as the leaves fall, and the trees become dormant for the winter.

Different seasons of life also bring transformation – we marry and share our life with someone. We have children. They grow up and leave the house. We age, and those transformative moments are not easy. Things begin to hurt that never hurt before. We aren’t able to do things we used to do. Our world gets smaller, and it takes longer for us to accomplish things. These lead eventually to the greatest transition – that of death, and new life in the presence of God.

Transformation can happen in a moment, or it can take a lifetime. What transformative event has happened to you this week? What conversation has made you think differently? How has your presence helped transform someone else’s day?

This Week at St. Thomas

Thursday: SIX team meets
Friday: 7:00 pm AA
Saturday: 2:00 Goat Yoga! Some of us are trying it for the first time! Its not too late to join the fun! Breakaway Yoga, 3615 E. Joppa Rd. Ste 150, (410) 513-7487
Sunday: 9:30 worship, followed by the Vestry meeting.

In Closing

God, you have prepared in peace the path I must follow today.
Help me to walk straight on that path.
If I speak, remove lies from my lips.
If I am hungry, take away from me all complaint.
If I have plenty, destroy pride in me.
May I go through the day calling on you, O Lord,
you who know no other Lord.
– Ethiopian Prayer –