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We’re Back!

Steve and I are back from a wonderful vacation. We took a driving trip this year, and went to places we had never been: Niagara Falls, Toronto, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We spent several days exploring Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Island, and the area around it. We went through the locks on St. Mary’s River, that connects Lake Superior to Lake Huron, and on the way home, stopped to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing Fallingwater.

Last weekend, we visited our son and his bride-to-be. They are getting married in October. And now, we are home, preparing to stay for awhile, with home projects and work projects ahead for both of us.

During the summer, there was a great deal of activity here, as the Exploring Partnership teams worked on many aspects of a possible future life with Epiphany, Timonium. We will make decisions about our future on the first weekend in November, when the two Vestries retreat together. In the meantime, Epiphany and St. Thomas’ will continue in the traditions that have marked them as unique. We will continue to pray, and trust that God is good, as we wait, and hope for a new future.

This Week at St. Thomas

Sunday: 9:30 Worship. After worship, several of the STEP teams are meeting during Coffee Hour.
Monday: 7:00 pm Book Club in Room Six
Tuesday: 2:00 Episcopal Service at Edenwald

In Closing

Slow down, take time
“Breathe in,” He said
He’d reveal what’s to come
The thoughts in His mind
Always higher than mine
He’ll reveal all to come

So take courage my heart
Stay steadfast my soul
He’s in the waiting

And hold onto your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He’s never failing

Sing praise my soul
Find strength in joy
Let His words lead you on
Do not forget
His great faithfulness
He’ll finish all He’s begun
– “Take Courage” from Bethel Music