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Lunch & Dinner Groups are Back!

Here’s how it works: Groups of about 6-8, either couples or singles, sign up to form a group. We will divide the groups by lunch or dinner and adults or families. Someone from each group will be asked to host the first meal. The group will take turns hosting and will decide as a group how they would like to proceed.

When would they like to meet?

Do they want to eat at each other houses or go out?

Will the host provide the main course and the rest provide salads, appetizers desserts drinks?

We will start meeting in September for 4 or 5 months depending on the group size.

Please see the signup sheet at church or contact Vicki Sappe at vsappe@hotmail.com, call at 410-456-5060 or talk to her after church. We welcome friends to join the groups, too!