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Operations Report

One of the most essential calculated risks one can take is talking to someone new. I do that a lot in my position at St. Thomas’. My favorite days are when I get to experience an amazing exchange of positive energy just because we REACHED OUT.

What I value most about those favorite days are the many different personalities I encounter—every single one unaware of who came before them, and each with their own unique story. Here are a few recent Operations highlights:

  • Our in-house music academy, Maestro Musicians, is growing quickly with new piano and voice lessons.
  • We’ve had meetings with the Red Cross who toured our facility and started the application process for becoming part of their Disaster Action Team. We discussed ways to help prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies, and talked about the next steps for offering disaster preparedness, response and CPR courses in the Fellowship Hall for the community.
  • St. Thomas’ will be hosting a CRASE: Civilian Response Active Shooter Encounter course on May 19th. Officer Burton of the Baltimore County Police Department will be the presenter.
  • We welcomed Greater Baltimore Church in February. They are a non-denominational Christian church consisting of a wide representation of Baltimore’s diversity. They strongly believe in sharing the gospel with all nations and hold community services on Wednesdays with an attendance averaging 100 people here at St. Thomas’.
  • We will be welcoming Global Foundations Tutorial (GFT) in September. GFT serves homeschooling families of elementary and middle school-aged students as a hybrid educational experience where students learn from cooperative, exploratory, and hands-on academic curricula while parents get the support and community they can use to successfully progress their children through the educational continuum.
  • Third Wall Productions will be performing Jekyll & Hyde here at St. Thomas’ May 11-20th. Tickets and merchandise are on sale now at our.show/thirdwall/jekyllandhyde. Please support your local theater group, and St. Thomas’ by attending a show.
  • We now have a classroom that is designated to the Loch Raven Network as a donation site for students in need. If you would like more information about how to drop off donations see information about their Spring Drive for Schools on April 20th and 21st here at St. Thomas’.
  • Our rentals for private events in the Fellowship Hall continue to grow, with Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Weddings, Corporate Meetings, and more.
  • We’re gearing up for some big events ourselves, such as National Night Out 2018 and a new winter fundraising initiative. If you would like to get involved contact me in the office, or see Diane Flayhart.

To summarize, activities outside of Sunday Service are growing quickly here at St. Thomas’, and my hope is that everyone can learn how far our outreach extends. Just as one drop of water creates countless ripples upon the water’s surface, one act of kindness has the power to change countless lives. REACH OUT.

Jill Dumser