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Pet Ministry: Beau Memorial Fund

In December, Dowell Schwartz lost his beloved dog and long time companion, Beau. In his last months on earth, Beau grew very sick, and was blessed to have gone to live with the angels. With many thanks to Dowell, a Beau Memorial Fund has been setup with a very generous donation of $500. This money, and any other contributions, will be used to administer gifts of desperately needed supplies to pets and pet parents in need.

St. Thomas’ Pet Ministry is unique, in that we go deep into our community to determine where the need for help is the greatest. In addition to private recipients, this includes other animal rescue organizations, Meals on Wheels clients with pets, and our emergency services and military working dogs. Thank you Dowell for supporting both ends of the leash, and rest easy Beau. Your legacy lives on.

Pet Ministry offerings may be added to the offerings plate. Please note them as such. If you are interested in volunteering to assist the Pet Ministry, or know a pet that could use our help, contact Jill in the office at 410-821-5489 or stthomastowson@gmail.com.