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The Adventures of “Flat Jesus”

“Flat Jesus” was inspired by a children’s book called “Flat Stanley.”  In the book, a boy named Stanley A line drawing of Jesus.becomes flattened and is able to be mailed to different places, having all kinds of exciting adventures.

At St. Thomas’, we see “Flat Jesus” as a way to keep our church family connected as we enter into the Summer season. Color “Flat Jesus” and take him with you. Take a picture of him doing different things (going out to dinner, playing on the beach, being with friends/family). It will be an amazing adventure! It is a great way to remember that Jesus is always with us wherever we go. And it just might start up a conversation with someone about what you are doing and why.

Please post your “Flat Jesus” pictures to St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church’s Facebook group page called “The Adventures of Flat Jesus“, or email your pictures and stories to StThomasTowson@gmail.com.

Print your Flat Jesus cut-out here, cut it out and color it.  If you bring him to church, we’ll laminate him for you!