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Vestry Corner

A Vestry Retreat was held on March 16-17, 2018 in lieu of our regular monthly Vestry Meeting in March. There was much discussion about what we can do to reach our Annual Goal to insure the future of St. Thomas’ Church as we continue to grow as the center of our community, including the following:

  1. Getting to know each other better and acknowledging the strengths each member brought to the Vestry.
  2. Understanding the history of St. Thomas’.
  3. Deciding to refocus donation drives, and eliminating those that no longer met our goals.
  4. Taking on individual responsibilities for starting/ planning for many ideas.

Here are a few ideas that should come together at the April Vestry Meeting and the individual/s responsible for creating a plan:

  • Speaker Series on topics of interest to the congregation and the community starting with the Civilian Response to Active Shooter Encounters Course on 5/19/18. (Rev. Loree)
  • Breakfast with Santa (Tracey Daniels)
  • Orioles game field trip (Chuck Shimonkevitz)
  • Shred It Day (Debbie Hood)
  • Quiet Service (Amy Shimonkevitz)
  • Selling Christmas trees (Jill Dumser and Rev. Loree)
  • Nearly New Event (Sharon Greenback and Donna Lettow)
  • Quarterly Town Hall meetings after church to discuss upcoming projects an solicit feedback from the congregation. Our first meeting will occur on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

While many other ideas require more detailed research, feel free to contact the individuals listed above for projects you may have an interest in joining.

We also welcome any additional ideas or concerns you may have.

The Vestry is here to serve you.