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Message from Our Senior Warden

Back in the late 1960’s when St. Thomas’ moved from its former location on The Alameda in Baltimore City, our new location on Providence Road was not yet ready. So we held our services and Sunday School at what used to be known as St. Elizabeth’s School for Special Education on Argonne Drive. We used their multi-purpose room for our services, complete with basketball nets and bleachers, and we used their classrooms for our Sunday School. Talk about being flexible!

One of the other things we had to do was to find temporary “homes” for all of St. Thomas’ belongings so we wouldn’t have to pay storage fees. I know my family was the proud keeper of the St. Thomas’ china dishes in the upstairs storage closets in our home. It was fun knowing we could have a dinner party for 200 and have all the dishes to accommodate the event without having to dig into the paper plates.

In cleaning out one of our parishioner’s home, a discovery was made of some St. Thomas’ flatware. It’s silverplate with “St. T.” engraved on the handles, and while it’s not service for 200, we have 37 forks, 2 knives and 2 spoons. We’d like to offer those pieces to any St. Thomas’ members who would like a little piece of St. Thomas’ history. While the utensils don’t have any specific value, we would like to request a small donation for each item. If you’re interested in obtaining any of the utensils, please contact me, Diane Flayhart, at 410-426-4618. I’ll be happy to bring them to the church.

Just think … a little bit of St. Thomas’ history. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?

Diane Flayhart, Senior Warden

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