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Message from Our Senior Warden

August already! The beginning of summer seems to have flown by. We were busy in July with Jesus Christ Superstar performances followed by Tuesday’s at Tom’s. If you missed Third Wall Production this time, look forward to having them return for performances next year…currently planning one in the Fellowship Hall and Godspell in the church. These talented performers were most appreciative of the hospitality of St. Tom’s folks and have ready begun return-ing for some of our fellowship events.

Many thanks to our volunteers, Jeanne and John Windsor, Vicki Sappe, Diane Flayhart, Donna Lettow, and Greg Flanders for handling the concession stand for us. And very special thanks to Jill Dumser for her tireless efforts to support the performers and coordinate their work with St. Tom’s.

August will be no less busy with National Night Out, the Crab Feast and VBS followed by a farewell for Fr. Ron and a welcome back for Rev. Loree+.

Fellowship activities aside for the moment, we have been busy caring for each other this summer. First and foremost, we appreciate the messages, care and compassion that Fr. Ron has brought to us during this time. We have been truly blessed to have him with us this summer. Thank you!

A special thanks to Diane Flayhart, for taking on the mantle leadership while Vern Adams and I were unavailable. Diane, you’re going to make a great Senior Warden! Thank you!

To each of you who reached out to provide care to our homebound, those who have been ill, and help say goodbye to those who are on their way home to the Lord, thank you! Your caring calls, cards, visits, and kind words have meant a lot, perhaps more than you’ll ever know. Thank you!

And again this month, thanks to those who continue in the summer heat to clean up the gardens around the church.

So these are the things that we’ve been doing really well…what else could we be doing to for our church? How else could we be living into the discipleship that God calls us to do.

Three things come immediately to mind. Establish or reinvigorate our individual prayer time. Jeanne Windsor shared an article on “10 Fresh Ways to Engage with Your Bible” with me this month.  I hope you will take time to pray about how these words and activities might benefit you. And then take time to share your experiences with others at St. Thomas’. Chat during coffee/iced tea time. Spend a few minutes with others in the congregation who might not be in your immediate circle of friends.

Secondly reach out to someone who is not a member of St. Tom’s. Bring someone to church with you on Sunday who may not currently have a church. Or simply share your faith story with someone who is seeking. Look beyond your friends and neighbors to those with whom you might interact during the week. “Seats” in the pews has been how churches counted their impact in the past. In today’s world, it might be more appropriate to count the lives we impact as Christians.

And thirdly, get involved with our outreach programs. Donating has been traditional at St. Thomas’ and we have lots of opportunities to give things and money…and that’s important to the outreach we do. But also consider giving of yourself…take time out of your day to deliver supplies to students at Loch Raven High or Paul’s Place, join the currently small group of volunteers who want to start a mobile food ministry, create a new outreach opportunity, call someone you haven’t talked with in a while at church or start a small Bible study group. Join in our fellowship activities and share your faith story with a visitor.

Thank you for you continued faith and support of our St. Thomas family!

Matthew 25:40 “The King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.’”

Jan Bahner, Senior Warden