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Message from Our Senior Warden

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.
– Proverbs 18:16

Last month I wrote about the history of the Loch Raven Network (LRN) and the role that St. Thomas’ has played in the success of the network.  During October, St. Thomas’ once again hosted the LRN Annual Fundraiser. It was a huge success! We raised almost four times as much as we did last year. These funds will go to supporting students and families with Thanksgiving meals, supplementing donations to the Room of Support, assisting students with graduation and pre-college expenses, and other needs as they arise.

Updates on our St. Thomas donations in September and October follow later in this Good News.  Thank you for all of your donations!

The Blue Horizon Team and Vestry met on October 14th. After updates from our FOG (Financial Opportunities Group) and SSG (Sharing Space Group), we decided the following:

There are possibilities to explore about our building and property in order to secure the future of St. Thomas. None of the opportunities fully explored to date was palatable to the group.  We will revisit these opportunities and our need in six months.

While members met with another church in the area to explore sharing ministries, there was no interest at this time. We will continue to seek opportunities and evaluate each on its own merit.

The use of the name Blue Horizon will stop after this writing.  The work of Blue Horizons has never been about a project, it’s been about the future of St. Thomas’. The work will continue, but the name will not.

In response to the question of What do we need to do for St. Thomas’ to be what we want it to be in 10 years, we created the following work groups:

  • Money – how we think about money: growth vs. maintenance
  • Volunteers – how do we ask and find volunteers
  • Communication – more and more and more
  • Metrics – how will we know if we’re reaching our goals
  • Music/Worship – what needs to evolve and what doesn’t

If you’d like to join a work group, please let Rev. Loree+ or me know.

Many thanks to the members of the Blue Horizon Team! Your work has formed the foundation of the work yet to come. Your leadership will continue to be needed in the work groups and others areas of the church’s work.

As we bring our Stewardship month to a close on November 12th, I look forward to seeing everyone at our catered dinner after worship.