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Message from the Junior Warden

It’s November already. Wait…what?!? I realize, especially at this time of year, just how fast time goes by. In January we’re shuffling by, holidays are over and we’re waiting for the spring thaw. Then the trees and flowers start to bud, but we still have to get the kids to school, work, work, work…then BAM! It’s July! Oooh, that long-awaited vacation is coming! Aaannnd it’s over…the kids are back to school, and the holidays are around the corner AGAIN. A very condensed version of the year, I know, but as I’ve gotten older and my children have grown, I notice that my to-do lists get longer and the days get shorter. To quote an old saying… “So much to do…so little time.”

The property committee volunteers started out the summer with an ambitious to-do list, and I am truly humbled by what they accomplished. (That being said, I think the list is longer now). I want to shout out a big THANK YOU to the folks who gave, and continue to give up their time to work on the church property. Whether it’s fixing a bathroom soap dispenser, moving bricks or planting greenery, there is SO much that needs to be done…all the time! I also appreciate those who notice things and bring them to my attention. This church property seems to have gotten larger now that I know all the things that need to be done.

This season has always caused me to raise my often preoccupied heart in real gratitude for all that our loving God has given us. As we get into Fall, please take a moment to enjoy the bounty of colors, watch the leaves fall, enjoy the beautiful earth he has given us.