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Message from the Junior Warden

A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; it makes no noise at all, but softly gives itself away; while quite unselfish, it grows small. – Eva K. Logue

I found this quote some time ago and have never forgotten it. It makes me remember that this life we have been given is not for us to keep as we should like, but to be truly meaningful, as God intended, it must be given away, shared with others until, at last, emptied of all we have to give, it is extinguished. What a wonderful thought. To have the ability to spend our life giving to others. Imagine what the world would be like if we could really do that. But there’s work, and dealing with others who maybe aren’t having a good day, and worries about schedules and finances and parents and sickness, and…well the list goes on and on. Some days it’s not easy to give, is it?

Christmas is a time where giving is in the forefront of our thoughts. Primarily the buying, wrapping, and giving of gifts, but there is also that well-known feeling of Christmas Spirit; a little extra kindness or patience that grows as the holiday approaches, giving a smile comes easier as we feel the warmth of Christmas in our hearts.

I want to challenge you to join me in an endeavor this December. I want you to look for an opportunity each day to give something of your time, your talent, your treasure, or yourself (a smile can have great impact) to someone. The object being to make someone’s day a little better because you were there. A word of support or thanks, a helping hand, pay a toll for the guy behind you, whatever. There are no rules. How, what, when, who, and why are entirely up to you. My hope is that by the end of the month, we’ll all have an expanded practice of giving and will have shared our light with many more people than we might have otherwise.

One more quote, from a very wise man:

“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of its expression.
We experience joy in forming the intention to be generous.
We experience joy in the actual act of giving something.
And we experience joy in remembering the fact that we have given.”
– Buddha

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas!
Sharon Greenbeck, Junior Warden