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Message from the Senior Warden


Two little words – “thank you” – but what an impact they can have on another person. Research shows that saying “thank you” is good for your health as well as your social relationships with other individuals. It promotes self-esteem, it boosts confidence, and it can actually lower your blood pressure! Saying “thank you” tells someone that they are appreciated, and how can that NOT make someone else feel better or improve your relationship with that person?

Too often we are caught up these days in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, running here and there, shopping, wrapping, baking, planning, etc., all for just a few minutes of happiness. However, we need to slow down and express our gratitude to the people around us – our friends and loved ones, the cashier at the grocery store, the clerk in the mall, the person who holds a door open or helps us when our arms are full.

More importantly, when was the last time you thanked God? When did your prayerfully thank him for all he’s given you? God’s presence is constantly with us. He looks out for us and helps us in subtle ways that you might miss because you’re busy doing all the things on your To-Do list. Take a moment to spend time with God and thank him for all he’s done.

And thank YOU for participating in the Loose Change Challenge … every little bit counts!!

Diane Flayhart, Senior Warden