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Message from the Senior Warden

Some of you may know I am a member of a non-college affiliated International Sorority, Sigma Phi Gamma, and have been a member for 41 years. The sorority is based on friendship and service. It is structured with individual chapters which are regionally grouped into Provinces. The Provinces meet annually to discuss what happened in the previous year and make plans for the next year. My Province meets the 4th weekend in February. We also hold an annual convention of all members in June or July.

Sigma Phi Gamma will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020, and our membership is concerned that there might not be many members around to celebrate. So among the topics of constant discussion at Province Meetings and the International Convention are recruitment and growth. Sound familiar?

At my recent Province Meeting, we were asked to write down how we became sorority members and what keeps us in Sigma Phi Gamma. It was a thought provoking exercise that could be applied to any organization, including St. Thomas’. How did you come to be a member of St. Thomas’? And why do you stay?

We also discussed what makes others appeal to you. Are you friendly? Do you offer assistance when asked, or even when you see assistance is needed, do you just jump in and help? Do you make suggestions and offer new ideas? Are you smiling? Are you welcoming? Or are you grumpy? Do you ignore strangers when they walk in the door? Do you hold back on ideas and suggestions? Are you constantly complaining instead of helping to do things better?

A positive, friendly person almost always appeals to someone as opposed to someone who is negative and non-welcoming. What kind of person are you? How do you portray St. Thomas’ to others? Let’s hope it’s the former, the positive and friendly person!

Diane Flayhart Senior Warden