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Senior Warden’s Message

Welcoming the stranger! How exciting is that? Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been before and being welcomed with open arms and included in all that is offered. One of the things I’ve heard about St. Thomas’ is how welcoming we are. We are willing to step out and introduce ourselves to people who are visiting our church, especially during the passing of the Peace.

Well, I’m happy to report that your welcoming has come to fruition as we welcome two new families into St. Thomas’. You may
have been in church on the Sunday that Mike Zellhoffer, Executive Director of Third Wall Productions, gave the sermon. He and his wife, Laurie, have decided to join St. Thomas’, and we’re delighted to have them with us.

Some of you may also recall when our own Kenny and Tracey Daniels suffered a tragic fire at their home a few years ago. Their next door neighbors welcomed the Daniels family, including their four children at the time, to live with them while repairs were being done to their home. Well now it’s time for us to welcome those same neighbors, Maureen and Ronnie Creitz, and their two children, Devin and Gabrielle, into the St. Thomas’ family.

It’s exciting to have these families join us here at St. Thomas’. Keep up the good work and continue with your welcoming ways. We are truly blessed to be able to provide the spiritual and community comfort to those who seek it.