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Senior Warden’s Message

As I sit and ponder what to write this month, my husband, Bill, remains in the hospital after undergoing open heart quadruple bypass surgery. This was unexpected and totally a surprise as he did not present any of the usual symptoms of heart problems, like chest pain or shortness of breath. It has caused me to realize that we are not in control… God is. He has a plan for us, and although we can do all the things we’re supposed to do to live the life he’s given us, God is in charge.

Part of our responsibility is to help those around us who need help. Many people have offered me assistance with anything I might need, and I am thankful. I know I can ask for help and someone will respond. But there are those who might need help and don’t ask for it. Just sending a note or an email, making a telephone call or even a visit to someone who is homebound could be the lift that person might need. We list the names of our parishioners who are homebound or in need of prayers in the bulletin each week. While many of you might be wondering how that person is doing, don’t wait for someone else to let you know. Reach out to that person. If you need an address or a phone number, contact Jill in the office and she can provide you that information.

“This little light of mine; I’m gonna let it shine.” We’re all familiar with these words from a favorite children’s song. We’ve sung it at St. Thomas’ a couple of times in the past year. Be the light of God and let it shine by sharing it with someone who needs you.

Diane Flayhart